Saturday, February 11, 2012

From Sippy to Cup

It's more than a week now that we let Evie used a regular cup when she drinks her milk instead of a sippy cup. The first day and until now was never a problem. She never refuse to drink her milk using a regular cup. There are days though that she'd say "no" because the milk is cold specially when she just woke up. But after a few minutes, she'd grab and drink it. She was used to drink milk straight from the microwave. However, we are now training her to get used to drinking milk straight from the fridge.

Evie has been using a regular cup when she drinks water or juice. I believe that's the reason why it was so easy to introduce her milk in a big girl's cup. The first few days, spilling was a problem. Well, what can you expect with something without lid and with a half-full liquid? She likes to hold her cup with just one hand, and the cup that she's using is a little bit big for her small grip. I later realized that she needs something that she can hold on tight, enough to keep the milk from spilling. I found a sippy cup with handle on both sides. I took off the lid and let her used it. It's so much better than the ones without handles on the sides. I still expect spilling. Not because she doesn't have a control of it, but because sometimes she walks while she drinks. I have to remind her to be careful with her milk. One time she walked so slow while sipping her milk just to make sure it won't drip on the floor.

She'd will still use sippy cup, but only when we go out. It's the most practical thing to use while outside the comfort of our home. I know for sure that this will not make her crave for milk in a sippy cup later because she's already a "big girl—" she thinks she is...sometimes. :)

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