Monday, January 9, 2012

Sulking Toddler

My daughter was upset with her Dada this morning. When he told her that it's time for him to go to work, she ran to her room and locked it. This scenario is not the usual "goodbye" when her Dada goes to work. She'd give him a hug and a kiss, always—well, that's when she's in a happy, great spirit. But this morning she wasn't.

The theory of her sulking mood is: her Dada locked the bathroom door when he took a shower and she couldn't get in. That didn't make her happy at all. So, when Dada said goodbye before going to work, she locked the door on him too. Of course we always have a key ready to open locked doors specially for a toddler alone in the room. When he got inside, she ignored him. She was pouting, upset, sulking. We can tell by the look of her face and her body language. When her Dada got out of the room, she closed and locked the door again. So my husband had to unlock it, and once again bade goodbye. No luck at all. She completely evaded him. Absolutely not in the mood.

My husband just chuckled and said how funny her reactions were. I went inside her room and talked to her but she was in complete silence, lips pouting. He told me to leave her alone for the meantime and let her cool off. It's funny indeed how a toddler can already sulk.

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