Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here I am awake at two in the morning. I wonder if this is a "preggy thing." I've been like this for a few times now wherein I wake up in the earliest time of the day and having a hard time going back to sleep. I usually get out of bed and move to the couch in our living room because my system stays as alert as my toddler if I linger on bed. I learned this technique the last time it happened to me. It worked after 30 minutes of so—I'd fall back to sleep.

Can't remember if I had the same problem with my first pregnancy. They say that pregnancies are different. Well, it's absolutely right. I noticed a few differences with this one compared to when I was pregnant with my eldest. One major difference is the morning sickness which I didn't have with the second one (except for one instance where I threw up). It is such a sweet relief compared with my first child where I battled morning sickness for almost two months during the first trimester. Not my favorite part of pregnancy at all. This one though is the opposite. I love to eat and get hungry so fast. Also, I mainly crave for Filipino food. So, we have frequent grocery trips most weekends to our nearest Asian supermarket, Mekong Plaza. Thanks for these type of grocery stores that satisfies my pregnancy cravings!

Moreover, the other very noticeable dissimilarity I am experiencing with my second child is the physical exhaustion. I get so tired most afternoons that I have to have a nap with my daughter, joining her in the dreamland. This is the total opposite with my Evie. I was up and about the entire day (mostly). Nap was not my best friend. I even wondered before why I didn't feel lethargic in the afternoons because I usually heard that when you're pregnant, naps keep knocking at your door. Not to me. Well, I meant—my first child.

So, perhaps what I am going through as of this moment (sleeplessness in the middle of the night), is one of the pregnancy "thingy" that I have to deal with. I'm pretty sure that if I couldn't go back to sleep so soon, a long nap this afternoon is an absolute necessity. I honestly do not like this sleep interruption at night, but, it's part of the changes for the completion of the most beautiful miracle I am carrying inside. Time to go back to my dreamland. Let's see if my trip towards there would be successful in few minutes (I hope). Signing off...zzzzZZZzzzz...

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