Saturday, February 4, 2012

June 6, 2012 is the Day

I got a call from my OB's office yesterday morning and told me that they already have a schedule of my C-section—6th of June. Hospital has been booked on the said date.

So, that is the scheduled day for us to see our precious little one and hold her in person! It's presumed that June 6 is going to be her birthday. That if she doesn't come earlier than June 6. At least now, we have a date to look forward to. But everything still depends on the Maker. He's the only one who knows when.

OB's Third Appoinment

It was my third time to go back to my OB's office last Wednesday. We were inside the building for more than 2 hours. Glad we took Evie to her grandparents, or else she'd get so bored and become whiny.

I had my Level 2 ultrasound. Everything looked so great. Baby was moving a lot inside the tummy, giving the technician a hard time. There was a time when she wanted to get a picture of her hand open, but the baby kept her fist closed. That took a while. Also, the baby let the technician sweat when it came to confirming the gender. She won't open her legs at all. I got a lot of poking on my tummy (which I didn't really mind). Well, the second ultrasound confirmed that she's a GIRL! Glad to get the confirmation. That way, I can finally keep some of Evie's clothes for her little sister.

I was so happy to know that this time, I do not have placenta previa which I had in my first pregnancy. Having the placenta previa, I was prohibited to carry a certain weight and sexual activity was halted for a few months. Glad to know that this time, I can still pick up and carry my 30+ lbs energetic girl and my husband and me will continue to enjoy each other in our intimate moments.

After my ultrasound, I got to meet my OB, Dr. Shelly Messer after 2 and a half years. She was the one who conducted my C-section with Evie. She's a nice doctor. But I still don't feel the warmth I am looking for in a doctor. There's no personal connection. I honestly feel more connected with their nurse practitioner, Michelle Carnes. She is very warm and I can see she cares for me more of as a person and not just a patient. It's also weird because I met a doctor before in their office for the first time and immediately, I felt the care she had for me as her patient. I believe that doctor was Dr. DeAnna Bullaro-Anderer. She left Oasis few months before I gave birth. Well, what can I say. People have different personalities.

Dr. Messer told us that they usually schedule the C-section a week before the estimated due date (EDD). Since my EDD is June 12, she said that most probably they will schedule my operation on June 5. But this has to be coordinated with Banner Gateway Hospital (of which I was just told that they already scheduled the date on the 6th of June with the hospital).

All in all, our little girl inside is doing great (thanks to God who takes care of her inside). Nothing more gives me peace of mind than to know that the precious life I am carrying inside is perfectly well.

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