Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bible and Jesus

My daughter did something again yesterday that melted my heart. We were in the backyard (because she demanded to go bye-bye) and I took the Bible with me. I was reading aloud a passage from Revelation and she blurted "Amen!" How in the world she knew I was reading the Word of God?

Because of that, I asked her what I was holding. She enthusiastically answered, "Bible!" I followed my question with "Who's in the Bible?" Without a second thought she responded "Jesus! Jesus in Bible!" Oh really, she knew that? After all of not sitting still during our Bible story in Sunday school, she's actually paying attention to what we said? I was impressed. What she did truly create in me a joyful heart.

Evie is in our Sunday school class for an hour. My husband and I are teacher-volunteers for the two year olds at 11 in the morning. Because she's already 2, she's obviously under our care for the said schedule. Before this, my husband and I wondered how she will behave when Mama and Dada is in-charge of the class where she belongs. We only got the answer to our questions when we started the Fall session.

Well, she doesn't sit still during the Bible Exploration time. While most toddlers are on their chairs, my daughter walks around and play. As a parent and teacher at the same time of the class, it's challenging. We do not know what goes through her mind. Does she feel too secure and comfy because Mama and Dada are here? Is she acting out? Whatever it is, the scenario has been like this for 3 Sunday schools now. She will only settle down if either me or her Dada holds her on our lap.

Showing the Bible to kids and asking them what and who is in it is the typical introduction in our Sunday school class. This is the time when she tries to roam around the room and shows no interest at all—reason why I was surprised yesterday when she knew what I was holding and who's in it. I do not know what's in my daughter's mind. What I do know right now is that she knows what a Bible looks like and Jesus is in it.

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