Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My silly daughter showed me her band-aids yesterday—three heart stickers lined up on her leg! What big laugh I had when I saw what she did. Well, she peeled off the sticker from a box. It's the box we once used in our Sunday school with two year olds. I wasn't paying attention on her, but I heard her say "band-aid" so many times and later showed to me her leg with heart "band-aids." What a crazy one!

Evie loves band-aids. We started putting band-aids on her when she kept picking the scab on her leg. To stop her from doing it, band-aid was the solution. And it's not just the boring plain beige band-aids, it's the ones with cartoon characters in it. It works really well. She stops picking a scab and gets so happy whenever we put band-aid on her. The downside of it is that, she still asks us to put band-aid on her leg even if it's not necessary at all. So, sometimes, she gets what she wants.

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