Monday, September 19, 2011

"Salamat Mama. Opo."

I noticed that my daughter has been using this new trick lately. She will tell me "Salamat Mama. Opo." when she asks for something and she gets a clue from my facial or verbal expression that she's not going to get what she wants. For a Mom whose native language is not English and hears her child speaks it too (at least a few words), the words she utter sound like a sweet melody in my ears. I have been teaching my Evie few basic Tagalog and Visayan words. Words like "salamat which means thank you," "sarap which means yummy," "opo which is a polite and respectful way to answer an older person," "bato which means rock."

It is so amusing to hear everytime she says these words to me. Of course, I could not say "no" to her whenever she tells me these words (only if she can actually have the thing she wants). I love the fact that she is learning my language. Unfortunately, in a tricky way. :)

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