Monday, August 8, 2011

Favorite Flip Flops that Fit Delivered

Finally got the second order I made of Buster Brown flips flops I made on today! Yes, it's the second order. I actually got my first order of the same flip flops, but unfortunately, it didn't fit. It was very small for her. I thought she's a size 6. But when I checked the old slipper she had, it was a size 7! What??? As far as I knew, her shoes size is 5.5 and how come her size just jumped onto 7? So,I returned my order. Thankfully, offers a free return shipping through UPS. I only had to print the shipping label and dropped it in a UPS store. I made another order again. Was so glad that they have size 8 available. One of the things I was so glad about was the 20% discount that was still available. It was expiring in few days. So, I got the shoes in the same amount as the first order.

So, she finally have the shoes and the size is perfect with a half-inch room to grow of. She should be able to enjoy her flip flops for several months.

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