Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Open Door Keys:" Putting Words Together

My almost 2-year old daughter has already been putting her words together to convey a thought through a sentence. There's a lot of examples I can give, but the very recent one which really amused me was when she said "Open door keys?"

Standing by the closed bedroom door, I asked her to open the door instead of me doing it. It's her naptime that's why we're there. She looked at me and gave me a wide grin, her eyes fully closed from smiling so widely. Perhaps she thought that Mama was playing a game. So, I asked her again. She smiled again and blurted "Open door keys?" I cracked into a big laugh. She knows the purpose of keys and trying to convey what she thought of a closed door. Until she was convinced that we didn't need a key to open the door, that's when she grabbed the knob. Oh my precious little one. She's not only getting big physically, but also mentally.

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