Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honoring all Beautiful Mothers

If you have a Facebook account and check it often, you might have already changed your picture profile into your mother's picture (if not, you might as well do). First and foremost, I want to commend the person who started the chain which goes: "In honor of Mother's Day we are trying to see how many of you are willing to change your profile picture to a picture of your mother and keep it there till May 9. I did and so have several others. If you will and like this idea, please repost this as your status so everyone gets the word and see how many beautiful mothers we can get on FB." Your idea is great and as you can see, a large number of Facebookers have joined the cause. But did you notice that most of the people who are doing this chain are women? How about the men? As of this writing, only one in my Facebook friend from the men's category changed his picture to his Mom's picture. And I am proud to announce who it is—my father-in-law. Makes me wonder why men are not too interested doing this. Is it because they think it's too girly and they're embarrass to show their feminine side? Or are they too lazy to upload their Mom's picture? Or for those whose parents who lived in the era of old form of photography, don't they have the interest to dig into the old treasure chest to find and scan their Mom's photos for the sake honoring the woman who bore and nurtured them? I don't know. But I am quite interested to know their reasons. I suspect it's more of the "girly-kind-of-thing" issue.

It's a joy to share our Mom's photos to our friends and families. I am quite grateful I live in the modern times of technology. Thanks to Facebook we're able to show and share to everyone the person so dear to our hearts specially in this month dedicated exclusively to all mothers. It's a little bit funny when your friends give great compliments in your Mom's look. And there is also that pride you feel inside you. After all you came from her. You are her blood and flesh. Mine for example, right after I posted my Mom's photo as my profile picture, a friend said how my mother looks so young. That picture was taken 3 years ago, but I agree with my friend. I remember when I was with my Mom, most people who don't know us or friends of hers who didn't know me thought that we're sisters. Sometimes my Mom would joke and tell her friends that I am her little sister and they innocently believed. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law said that my mother looks like her Aunt Rosie. This was even backed up by her sister. She agreed that my Mom looks like their Aunt. What they said really arouse my curiosity and thanks to my MIL for sending me a picture of her Aunt. I just laughed with amazement of how indeed her Aunt has similar features to my mom. The funny thing is, my husband actually has a similar resemblance to my grandmother's brother. What a good humor we share as a family.
My mother-in-law's Aunt Rosie.
I am really thankful that I get to share my Mom's picture to everyone. She is one person I am so proud of to show to my friends. She is very precious to me. We shared painful and beautiful memories together as mother and daughter. She is the best and I will never trade her for another one. No matter what I say or do, my actions cannot surpass her love for me. But still, I want to say I love her so much and want to thank her for everything she's done for me. Happy Mother's day Mamang!

Behind Her Smile (a poem I wrote for her 4 years ago)

The delicate skin of her youth
Is tanned from the harsh rays
of the dazzling sun
Her face is wrinkled in years
carrying the heavy yoke of her
children’s downfall.
She stood up strong, though her slender
shoulders are fading away
Nobody saw the tears she shed
the tears of her defeat.
Behind a bleeding heart
she wears a pretty smile,
the smile of her youth
that reminded her of freedom.
Now, she’s imprisoned in her cell
and delights in every pain
Willing to give up her happiness
for her children…
Ah, she is my mother…
The mother of my yesterday, today, and forever

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