Monday, May 9, 2011

Our new green kids' playroom

Guest post written by Fran Denver

I love to decorate around our household. So I was excited when we thought that it was about time that we redo our kids' playroom. The last time we did it they were just now learning to walk and soon they'll be in middle school. So it's about time that we redo their playroom so that it looks more like a cool hangout instead of a preschool.

But I'd really like to also use green decorations. I went online to see what's available in regards to that and while I was searching I found some Electricity rates that sounded really good. So we decided to sign up for one of the energy savings plans we found on there.

I'm actually using a lot of the same furniture that we have in the playroom already. I'm just giving it a few paint coats or finding some cool, modern looking fabric to recover the chairs and couch in there. I'm also going to buy some extra fabric to make some oversized cushions that they can throw down on the floor for when they're watching movies or just need a little more seating

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