Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Fun Begins

Summer is here but I was not that excited at all for this season. It's just too hot and dry here in AZ. I don't like it when we go out in the middle of the day because after we get back in the car, it feels like I am inside the oven. It's crazy hot, literally speaking. Spring is still my favorite, but, we could not have spring all year through. Whether I like it or not, summer will always be a season that I need to get accustomed to each year.

Well, I've been thinking lately about summer and my daughter. After getting herself so muddy and wet in the backyard today, makes me wonder if summer will be her favorite season until she reaches the age where she thinks puddles are yucky. Summer is the perfect time for her to get dirty in mud and go gaga with pouring rain-like water from the hose. She doesn't get to do this with the rest of the seasons because the water and the surroundings would be cold to make her shiver. Although the water today was a little bit cold, that after being soaked in water for about 20 minutes, her lips started to quiver. But she had fun. She was stomping the pool of mud, enjoying the sprinkle of water, and ran around the backyard. We both have a great time together.

Watching my daughter playing with water and mud today opened my eyes to the beauty of summer. It made me realize that summer is not a season I must dread. Summer may be the synonym of hot and dry in our desert state, but it also comes with another synonym—FUN. I almost forgot it. Thanks to the puddles and for making my daughter filthy and happy. Or else, I would have forgotten the essence of this season.
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  1. cute kau cya tan-awn nga nagplay sa mud Riz... :)

  2. He he, ampay kaau ang lapok Tags :)