Thursday, May 19, 2011

Counting 1 to 13

My daughter can now consistently count from 1 to 13. Sometimes she can count up to 15 and gets stuck on the last number. She's 21 months old (1 year & 9 months) and she's growing and learning more on every milestone. I am amazed how kids on this age can remember vividly and memorize things that parents teach them. I think the key is the consistency of repetition in teaching things that we want them to know. My husband and I do not only teach Evie once or thrice on a specific educational learning. We teach her more than that. Also, we noticed that she learn things faster in song forms. She first learned to count with the help of a nursery rhyme. Everytime she gets the information, it is stored in her memory and shows us  what she has learned. Her development is very inspiring.

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