Monday, April 4, 2011

My Daughter Can Eat Oreos

A smear of Oreo and a smile.
Because my daughter has allergies to some food (mostly dairy products), we are very careful in everything we give her. Last night, my husband tried to give her Oreos. He said Oreo cookies actually don't have milk in it. So, he gave her a very small piece of Oreo and we waited for few minutes to see if she will get allergic reaction to it. When my daughter is allergic to a food, she usually gets instant allergic reaction from it. Her lips swell and rashes appear on the sides of her mouth. But with Oreos, there was no swelling of the lips or rashes around the mouth! Yay, my daughter can eat Oreos!

You may wonder why it makes me happy that my daughter can eat Oreos when in fact it's not healthy at all. Well, my daughter doesn't get to eat most of the sweet treats that other kids can. Besides, it doesn't mean that because she's not allergic to Oreos, she can munch it as much and as often as she wants. That's a big NO. She can have Oreos sometimes—as a special treat. After all, most of what she consumes everyday are veggies and fruits. Sometimes, it's nice to give her something that she doesn't normally eat. Perhaps when she's old enough, she can dip Oreos in her soy milk while sitting beside her Dada enjoying his Oreos too. :)

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