Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words and Songs

Evie's verbal skill has improved a lot. Few words are added to her vocabulary. At 1 year and 4 months, she can already say "eyes, baby, gorilla, cat, thank you (which she pronounced te-ki or tako before), letters q,r,s. Whenever we ask her to say a particular word like tiger, elephant, dog, and more, she tries her best to say it. Lately, I started to teach her how to say "I love you." The way she utters it sounds like "av you." It's very cute.

Your Baby Can Read

Ever heard of "Your Baby Can Read" DVD? This DVD is actually the tool that helps improve my daughter's verbal skills. We started to let her watch the Your Baby Can Read Starter Kit DVD late December. She learns and recognizes the words and commands so fast. There were even times that when the word "baby" appeared on screen, she immediately said "baby" before the voice over did. With her doing that, I can say that she actually was able to identify what the word is based on how it is written and what she heard. This rapid development motivates me to buy the Volume 1 of Your Baby Can Read because it actually works.

Singing Nursery Rhymes

My daughter has been singing to the tune of her favorite nursery rhymes several months ago. Whenever we ask her to sing a particular song, she'd sing a part of it that she remembers. What funny is, she also hum or make sounds of the instrumental parts. Well, singers run in her blood. :)

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