Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Big Girl" on Big Girl's Chair

Sometimes I wonder if my daughter thinks that she's already a big girl. Just like Mama and Dada. What makes me think this? It's when she sits on our regular dining chair when food is served on the table. After she settles herself on the chair, the food on her reach is doomed to be eaten by the little monkey. Just like what happened this morning. She surprised us again with her "food attack" scheme. After her Dada put my share of bacon and pancake on the table, the next time he turned his head, the "big girl" had the bacon on both of her hands and enjoying every bite of it. This is not the only instance where she startled us with her presence on the table feasting on the food.

I bet she likes to be on the "big chair." Whenever she's there, she'd wiggle and rock her legs—an expression of her delight.

Devouring Mama's bacon

Sitting on Mama's chair, attacking the pancake :)

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