Thursday, September 9, 2010

Evie's "New Things"

My 1 year old daughter had been showing new tricks lately which are kind of silly, amusing, and impressive. Her "new things" on the list are:

Spinning - She's been doing this even before she turned 1. Sometimes she'd spin too much that it makes her fall down. Most probably, she gets dizzy. My husband and I do not know where she got this idea. I wonder if most kids go through this stage.

Stacking - Blocks, cups, or a mixture of her toys, she stacks them up. I noticed that wood blocks (with ABC letters on it) are better than the plastic ones because they're not slippery. So far, she can stack up to 3 blocks and 2 for cups. It's funny to see her one day stacking up a cup, a plastic penguin, and a ball. She experiments with piling things up.

Handing things over - Sometimes my husband and I thinks she's bargaining for something she wants everytime she hands over things (mostly toys) to us. One morning, I was eating Cheerios with milk and she was in front of me opening her mouth waiting to be fed. But since she's allergic to cow's milk, I can't give her what I ate. What she did was, she gave me a ball and then waited. When I threw away the ball, she handed me her toy cell phone and waited, as if, expecting me to feed her. We don't really know what this thing means to her, but, she's handing us things most of the time.

Climbing on and off - She can already climb on and off the couch and the big totes we used to block the kitchen. She can climb off the bed quite well too right now. She actually knows how to do it right without falling.

Playing ghost - She loves cloths, specially big ones enough to cover her whole head. She'd put it on her head where her eyes are covered and then walk to nowhere since she can't really see where she's going. It's a funny "new thing" actually.

Reading books more often - I can tell that she loves books. I usually find her talking while holding a book. I presume she's saying (reading) something whatever she sees on it. Her favorite book is the Baby Einstein book of which most of the pages are gone. I have a theory that the reason why she likes that book is because she sees the same puppets when she watches the Baby Einstein DVDs.

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