Monday, August 30, 2010

Painting Her Room with Glidden

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I love watching HGTV shows. I enjoy how these very talented interior designers transform a boring home into a well-polished, sophisticated dwelling. One of HGTV shows I have been watching is a show called "Blank Canvas." It's a kind of show wherein the host and her crew "whitewash" the entire room of the featured house (including the floor, walls, furniture, etc.). The crew then use their artistic minds and magical hands to modify the dull home into a beautiful, fresh-looking home. Last weekend, the show used Glidden paints to give each room vibrant colors. There was a great collection of color palettes that family members chose from for every room. The result was quite impressive! The once dull rooms turned into lively, suave haven!

Watching the show inspired me to experiment with painting. I'm thinking that when we repaint our daughter's room, I will try the Glidden Ready-to-Go Paint Testers first before deciding the final color for her den. This way, it prevents me from getting disappointed for not choosing the right combination of color palette. I'm glad that Glidden came up with this idea. Makes it easier for me and my husband to decide the perfect color for our princess' small castle.

If you're a Mom planning to create a lovely room for your little one, the choice of paint colors is one key to achieve it. You can refer to some painting tips at Glidden website. I surely will consult their expertise before my painting project begins.

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