Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Evie Turns ONE!!!

(birthday girl in her party dress)

My precious daughter turned 1 year old last week! As a mother, nothing is as joyful as when your child celebrates her birthday (each year). On the eve of her special day, her Dada and I waited until the clock strikes at 12 midnight. We wanted to greet her day. Obviously, she was already deep asleep. We prayed over her. Each one offered a prayer of thanks, of guidance, of her beautiful future, of her good health, and more that we could ever asked for.

We celebrated her birthday twice. The first one was on the very day she was born. She had her first ever ride on the Merry-Go-Round carousel in the mall with her Dada. Later, we drove to her grandparents' place so we could celebrate with them. We opened her presents from us and her grandparents. Evie's cousin Marcus was also there to help her rip off the wrappers. She had a mango roll cake which we got from Red Ribbon (a Filipino bakery)  with a candle to blow off. It was a great day for her.

The next birthday celebration was a pool party 3 days after, with close friends and family members at Aunt Pam and Uncle Tim's place. Aunt Pam made her a fabulous "Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree" cake! They're the one who bought and prepared all the food and drinks. Plus, Evie's grandpa made yummy BBQ ribs (as requested by her Mama).

Well, the birthday girl wore her pretty party dress which I got from eBay. She paired it with a white, sparkly shoes which make it look fancy. Her Aunt Alice did a great job of taking pictures. Her little visitor-friends include Ahnica and Gabe H., Olivia and Kaitlyn H., and her cousin Marcus. Everyone had a great time in the pool. Kids were so excited during the cake time and opening of presents. She got tons of wonderful and educational gifts!

We were the last people to go home. Her Nanny told her that she outlasts all kids because she was still up and playing while everyone had gone home to rest. Well, she's an Energizer bunny—so, I was not surprised. :)

One year down and more to come! I thank my God and Father for blessing Evie and us (her parents) a very wonderful year with her. She is the BEST blessing her Dada and I have in our life.

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