Thursday, July 8, 2010

She Loves the Swimming Pool!

 Finally, my girl had her first dip in the pool last Sunday (4th of July). We were invited by the Heptinstall's to join with them and their church friends to celebrate Independence Day—and pool party was an activity that Evie enjoyed a lot. Like her first experience with fireworks, I was also anxious of how she reacts in the pool for the first time. Well, she didn't show any sign of resistance at all. At first, she was a little bit unsure when her Dada put her in the lady bug floatie. Perhaps, wondering what's going to happen. But few minutes later, she was showing her utmost delight in the water with big smiles. She was splashing the water with her hands and sometimes clapped with excitement. There is no doubt—Evie loves the pool!
One of my major concerns was how her skin reacts to the chlorinated water because of her eczema. Fortunately, there was no rashes after her skin was soaked for couple of minutes. We didn't even rinse her. I just applied Aveeno Baby moisturizing lotion all over her body, and that's it. My husband also said that, it seems like the pool has saline instead of chlorine because the water was salty. Maybe, that's the reason why Evie's skin didn't get so dry at all. We will still have to see how her skin responds with chlorinated pools. Hopefully, same as her first swimming pool activity.

Clapping her hands with delight—"love the pool, Mama!"

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