Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Evie's First 4th of July

My daughter was the happiest last weekend. She's able to celebrate her first 4th of July by strolling around the busy Main Street thronged with people of all ages. There was live music in every block of which made bob her head up and down. Looking at her face, it's so obvious that she enjoyed what she's seeing: colorful balloons, vintage cars, gracefully waving US flags, food stalls, and may more. She's a crowd pleaser. People were all smiles, so amused of seeing such a tiny, cute creature, walking around, carrying a small US flag that matched her outfit. Her social skill was outstanding. She waved her hands on crowd, and whenever she's on the ground on her feet, she'd approached people and pressed her head against them—making her appear the sweetest little girl ever.

I was a little anxious for the fireworks display—worried that it the loud blasts will freak her out. I heard that babies of same age as hers usually panic on their first experience with fireworks.
But with her, I was totally wrong. As the vibrant colors of fireworks zoomed towards the night sky with big bangs, there was never a sign of fear from her. There was no spectacular reaction from her though. Her face looked like she already saw it before. :)

Also that night, she learned how to clap. Her Dada showed her how to do it. I guess with the excitement going on inside of her, overwhelmed with great visual stuff around, had helped her motivation to learn clapping.

She had a wonderful 4th of July celebration. She was so tired—it knocked her off on our way home. Next year, by the grace of God, she will have another great Independence Day.

Scrutinizing a vintage car.

Happy girl on Independence Day!

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