Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Evie Turns 11 Months

My daughter just turned 11 months old. When I think of one more month to go and she will celebrate her first birthday, I am still in awe. Time flies like a lighting, and here she is growing up everyday.

10 to 11 Months Milestones

Clapping - Teaching her how to clap was easy. She learned so fast, and now everytime we cheer on her when she does a good job, she claps. She also claps when she hears people cheering on TV with matching "yeah!." I think the she got it from me because I always say "yeah!" everytime I clap.

Waving - One morning, she waved her Dada goodbye when he was on his way to work. She is still practicing this skill.

Shaking head - She shakes her head when she's happy or excited. I wonder if she will use this gesture more often when she learns the concept of "no."

High five & Peekaboo - Took her a little while to learn these skills. It so cute to see when she covers her face with her chubby hands as we asked her "where's Evie?" and gives us a big smile when she takes them off of her face.

Understanding commands - She already understands when we tell her not to do this or that. When she's in a room and we will tell her to come out, she walks towards the door.

Eating pure solid food - She no longer likes to eat pureed baby food. Her diet includes steamed vegetables, roasted chicken, fresh fruits, and steamed or fried (in olive oil) salmon. As parents, we can't thank enough for her responses with every food we gave her. She's a good eater, and thank God, not picky. Although, she seems to prefer fried salmon than the steamed one. Most probably because of the texture and how tasteless it is.

Assertive attitude - At this age, her assertiveness in things that she wants to do is showing more and more. Like when we were in the swimming pool with a friend, she didn't want us to hold her. We were on the shallow part of the pool and her body was dipped up to her chest. She wanted to explore on her own (oblivious of course of the danger). She kept submerging her face on the water and smiled so big after doing it.

Affectionate nature - She likes being held or carried with "certain" people that she just met. When she's on the ground, she'd just surprised people with hugs on their legs. She's a sweety.

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