Monday, July 12, 2010

Animated Classic- Meet the Robinsons

Posting compliments of Taylor Yenner

Recently my children and I watched Meet the Robinsons, an animated movie by Disney. This movie has to be one of the better films that has come out from Disney in a long time.

The plot to the movie is about a young orphaned boy who, by chance, travels to the future and meets the most odd, yet wonderful family. It is here that he discovers his love for science does not make home strange and that his uniqueness can change the future. It is also in the future that the plot twists and he discovers that this family is his in the future and the future is what he created

Enter the villain and the future is changed and one event leads to another. In the end the hero of the story realizes that he is the master of his destiny and that he does not have to find someone to love him, it will all happen naturally.

We enjoyed this movie without interruption on one of our korean tv channels. I would highly recommend watching it with your young children so they can discover there is good in us all.

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