Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick Baby Week

It's been a week now that Evie is sick. She got low-grade fever, runny nose and cough. Well, not to mention the ordeal of "teething." Because she has not been feeling well, she slept with us every night. From time to time, my husband and I have to wake up in the middle of the night to clear her congested nose. I am just glad that her cough is not that bad or else she will be so miserable. Her appetite was down for days, specially with solid food.

Fever, Cold and Cough Treatment

For fever, we gave her the generic brand of acetamenophen since we got rid of Tylenol that was included in the product recall; Benadryl for her cough and runny nose (which her doctor approved). I also applied Vick's Baby Rub on her chest, neck, and back at bedtime, and also during the day. I think the rub helped soothe her stuffy nose and cough. 

The other home remedy we do is take her to the shower with us in the morning as well as give her a lukewarm bath before bedtime. The steam in the shower and when she takes bath really helps loosen up the nasal mucus. I am also thankful of the nose suction that we got from the hospital when she was born and saline drops. Also, we turn on the humidifier in our room the whole night. Applying these simple treatments gives relief in her breathing problem due to a stuffy nose.

She feels much better today. She's eating more solid food and took naps in her crib.
Her usual energy is getting back in track. I couldn't be happier than seeing my daughter healthy and happy.

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