Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Food Allergies

My poor daughter had a terrible food allergy on her face last night. Her face and neck turned so red, bumpy, and warm. She couldn't stop itching. She looked so miserable. I felt so bad that she had to go through it.

Food Allergy Culprit

Before she got rashes on her face, we gave her chunks of string cheese. Later, she ate "chicken noodle" jarred food for dinner. It's her first time to eat these foods, so we do not really know which one caused the allergy. I am allergic to chicken, so, there's a possibility that the baby food we gave her for dinner was the culprit. But since it is also her first time to eat string cheese, we are unsure which is which.

Baby Skin Allergy Treatment

I decided to immediately apply the 2.5 hydrocortisone and topped it with Aquaphor all over the affected areas. We also gave her a dose of Benadryl. We also kept her from itching her face by holding her hands. Minutes later, her face looked better. The rashes were starting to clear up. I'm quite glad that we still have tubes of the 2.5 hydrocortisone which really helped a lot in controlling her skin allergy.

In the meantime, we are refraining to give her any of the food that we gave her last night.

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