Friday, April 9, 2010

Then and Now on Her Bumbo Seat

Evie got the chance to sit on her bumbo seat again. She first used the bumbo seat when she was 2+ months. After a month, she no longer feel comfortable sitting in. She'd stretch her legs and arms, and arched her back; signs that she wanted out. She may have not used the bumbo seat that long, but the short span of usage produced a good result. Her sitting up (on her own) developed -- as she enjoyed looking around the house, comfortably relaxing, with her full weight and back being supported with this funny-looking seat.

Well, I thought she'd no longer fit it on the bumbo seat because she's already big. But I was wrong. As she crawled to her room and found the bumbo on the floor, I decided to put her in and quite surprised that her body size is still compatible in it.

I wonder if she remembered herself lounging on the bumbo seat 5 months ago. I doubt. The look on her face was kinda unsure as she was on it. But I saw a delight in her eyes and smile. Perhaps because she thought it's a "new thing" of which she likes -- a LOT.

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