Friday, April 2, 2010

Afternoon Escapade

It was already 6:36 P.M. when Evie and I decided to go out for a walk around our neighborhood yesterday. Here in Arizona, we typically get a nice glimpse of the sun even at this time of the day during spring and summer. So, a 30 minute stroll is still perfect. It was a little bit cold and windy. Didn't put socks on because I wanted her to get used to the climate. Besides, socks don't stay too long on her now. She'd either pull it with her hands or rub her feet against each other until her feet are socks-free.

She likes spending time outside. Maybe because she gets to see a lot of things in the outdoor that she doesn't find inside the house. She's the most behaved on her stroller. Most of the time, quiet. Well, except when something catches her interest then she'd babble.
 My husband and I like to tread on this trail. We can actually stay on the smooth surface of the street if we want to, but everytime we go strolling, we always go this way. Makes me feel closer to nature (with all the grass, rocks, and eucalyptus trees) than the boring roadways.

Our short walk was gratifying having to see the colorful blooms of various kinds of flowers around our community, not to mention the exercise I got from it :). It was almost 7 PM  when we started to heed home. Darkness was starting to engulf the surroundings. When I checked her teether which she was chewing on for minutes, it was gone. She dropped it! Mama had no choice but to go back. And so we did.
 There it is! Glad the distance where I noticed that it's gone to where she dropped it was not too far. Probably, 100 meters away. Not bad.

I'm looking forward for more walks with my daughter this spring. It's an awesome afternoon escapade that we can enjoy together!

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