Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saving Bucks with Billshrink

I came across a website that says could help my family save bucks from our various types of spending like credit cards, gas, and cell phone expenses. As a mother who stays at home to take care of our daughter and is not able to contribute to our family's financial needs is "sometimes" sad. But, when I checked BillShrink and see what they can do for a mother like me who wants to help my husband in our financing issues, their system looks promising. I may not be able to hand over "real money" in our savings account, but introducing this idea to my other half might help us save bucks in our daily spending.

I like the concept that this online technology will assist us in choosing the best credit cards or cell phone plans that offer the cheapest rates without compromising the quality of the service. Going through each credit card or telecommunication firm myself to find out which carrier gives the best offer is quite tedious. But Billshrink assured that they will do it for me.  In addition, they will send updates of the current rates and reward programs offered by various credit card carriers such as Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. They may also recommend a credit card that gives us the best offer/savings in comparison to the existing card we have. This idea sounds great specially that we use credit cards most of the time from buying groceries to filling the car with gas.

It would be cool if this system from Billshrink could help my family save money. Who wouldn't want that? Would be glad to receive feedback from people who have tried this service.

(Brought to you by your friends at Billshrink.com)

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