Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's Evie?

My precious Evie sometimes surprises me in her own special or crazy ways. Just like what happened yesterday when I went to use the bathroom. She was playing our empty laundry basket in the living room. When I came back 2 minutes after from the bathroom, she unbelievably covered her whole self with the basket! She wanted out, but didn't know how to free herself. Quite upset that all her efforts to push and pull the basket did not help obtain her sweet release from the cell. Well, what could you expect after trying her best to gain her freedom? Crying! Asking Mama for a rescue. I was her personal 911—as usual. But after freeing her, she did it again! Oh well, whatever! :D My daughter amazes me everyday in her own peculiar style, and I love it!
Free at last!
Was still upset even after she's out from the basket. Poor little one.

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