Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Essence of Life Insurance

Life is fleeting. Death in inevitable. It's sad when I think of the day that I will no longer be here with my daughter. Too many questions at the back of my mind. How will she cope up? Will she be able to support herself? My hope and prayer is that, when I leave her in this world, she is already financially stable. That way, dealing the economic blows of life will not be too difficult for her.

I thought of "life insurance." How practical is it? How essential? How will it benefit my little one? As parents, our kids' future financial security is one of the most vital things we want to give them. No wonder, many of us turn to the promise that life insurance can do for our children. We do not know when our time comes. All we know is that, as long as we live, we did everything we could to assure the bright tomorrows of our children.

Life insurance policies at present are more affordable compared to decades ago. Besides, the modernization of technology makes it easier for us to find cheap life insurance quotes using the Internet. We can get various tips and advice from experts in choosing what type of life insurance best fits our lifestyle and financial capability. Purchasing a life insurance policy is something that I consider in my "to-do" lists.

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  1. Securing the future of our kids is of utmost importance. As soon as I had my first born, we made it a point to get her insurance! We can never tell how long we’ll be with them nor be assured of our financial status, that’s why we got one until we can still afford to pay for it. Applying for insurance is one investment that families should take into consideration.

    -Hershel Duffey