Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daughter's Dedication to the Almighty Father

Evie was officially dedicated to the Lord last Sunday in front of family, friends, and church members. Pastor Josh Sherrard administrated the dedication with a prayer for our daughter. This church tradition of "child dedication" is inspired through Hannah, the mother of Prophet Samuel, who dedicated him to God Almighty after he was weaned (Samuel 1:24-28).

When Pastor Josh took her from my husband and presented her to everyone in the church, we were a little bit worried that she won't let him hold her. But we were quite happy she did really well, except that she gave him a frown and a stink eye :D People were laughing, amused at her gestures.

A celebration with food followed at her grandparent's place. Her grandpa made the best smoked BBQ ribs which was the most popular food in the party. Close friends (together with their kids) and family members came over to greet and rejoice with us. She got nice gifts that she can use later.

She was the star of the day. It's amazing how she did great the whole day, without naps. She enjoyed playing with other kids, was so energetic, and never got cranky at all. I wonder if she knew that she was the most important person on that day. I am so happy that she's finally dedicated and was prayed over by everyone in our church. I am nothing and cannot give and do the best care she deserves without the help and blessings of God. I implore that all the prayers the Pastor prayed for her come true.

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