Friday, April 23, 2010

Evie is 8 Months Old: Monthly Report

My once not-so-fast crawler has now become the "supersonic" cruiser. It's amusing to see her legs and arms racing with each other. Turning 8-month old was another exciting stage I witnessed and marveled. That's the beauty of a full-time Mom whose there with and for her 24/7.

7 to 8 Months Milestones:

  • Finger foods - Signs that she's ready for finger foods were already apparent when she was 7 months. However, we waited until she turned exactly 8 months. Her first finger food is Cheerios. The excitement in her face and body language is quite delightful to watch everytime she picks one, two, or even three cereals at the same time and shoves it in her mouth.

  • Formula - She can already hold a bottle of formula and feed herself. She can do it both laying down and sitting up. Eventually, Evie learned to tilt the bottle (when she's sitting up) where the liquid flows into nipple, so that she has something to fill her tummy.
Balancing while standing up - One of the few things she constantly does is standing up without holding onto anything to support her weight. She usually lasts from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.

urniture cruising - Moving while holding onto a furniture is a skill that she already mastered. Besides, we no longer worry of her falling down and banging her head into something. She can already balance her body and manages to slowly bring herself into a sitting position.

Sitting up -
From her tummy she guides her body to sitting up when she wants to. Her favorite sitting position is her knees folded under.

Dancing - When she hears fast music she bobs her feet and body. Currently, her favorite dance song is "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. So, most of the time I end up singing it to her. ;)

Practice walking - One night she surprised us with her resourcefulness—she turned the empty laundry basket into a walker! I usually put the basket in the living room because she likes to play with it. I never thought that we can utilize it for her to practice walking (aside from holding her hands so she can walk).

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