Friday, March 5, 2010

Using the Right Spoons for Baby's First Solid Food

We didn't really know what's the right spoon when giving the baby her first solid food. My husband grabbed a bunch of spoons months before Evie was born. When we gave her solid food for the first time, I got to experiment two kinds of spoon, and found out what is just right for her.

The first baby spoons we used were from Munchkin. They are made of plastic which I think is not gum-friendly, specially for a baby that is currently on the "teething stage." Besides, the bowl is round in shape and kind of deep. Because of how the bowl is designed, my novice eater could not get all of the food in her mouth. Most of the time after I pulled back the spoon from her mouth, there were still some food left on the bowl.
The second type of spoon we tried is a Gerber product and so far the most successful one. The tip (bowl/dipper) is made of silicone which is not harsh for Evie's gum. Since the tip is shallow and small (which perfectly fits in her small mouth) all the food stays in her mouth. Moreover, I do not worry of her chewing the tip because of how soft it is.

In fairness for Munchkin, they also have the same kind of spoon that Gerber manufactured (in fact, we have the bigger size which is ideal when Evie is bigger and has already teeth). However, Munchkin has an edge over Gerber's because of the "safety" feature on their product; the spoon turns white if the food temperature is not safe for the baby. How cool is that?

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