Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Baby Moves to the Big Tub

The first two attempts of giving her baby bath in the bathroom tub were unsuccessful. Just looking and listening to the sound of the gushing water from the faucet made her freaked out and crying. Last Sunday, her Dada tried again. This time she stayed, but was still a little bit uncertain of the new, and much bigger bathing place. Rubber ducky toys and a piece of block somehow entertained her for few minutes.

She's getting too big for her old, baby bathtub. There's no way we can give her a good wash. I decided that beginning today she will have her bath in the big tub. I thought of a strategy that might help her feel calm while in the tub. The game plan? Mama joined her in the tub! Of course I had to take off my pajamas and wear my shorts.

The tub was empty when we got in. I gave her the duckies and the boat that comes with blocks. She was delighted. Did our oatmeal ritual and later turned on the faucet. While doing this, I held her facing the dripping device. She was just staring. I placed my hand under the running water as if I was playing with it and ushered her hand to play with it too. No freaking out. No screaming. No crying. No sign of disliking or scary reaction of the "new thing." 

Filled up the tub just enough for her and me to play. Duckies and boat were floating. I splashed the water with my hands and taught her how to do it with hers. She liked me splashing the water. Maybe the sound of it caught her interest.

For the next bath I thought of going in the tub with her still. The third time, I'll try of having her alone. We'll see how this strategy works. But so far, it's improving.

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