Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crib Dilemma

Having the baby sleep in the crib is a setup that we are still working out. Most of the time she ends up crying when we put her down in her crib for naps. The crying episode is part of the training. I supposed, a lot of parents go through this scenario. However, the serious problem is not actually her crying. It is her legs get jammed on the crib's posts. Now that she moves a lot and is throwing a fit inside the crib, she ultimately got herself stuck in one place. I believe that everytime she gets her legs jammed, she tries to dislodge them. Doing this physical exertion undoubtedly strains her and makes her cry even more. I am actually wondering if other parents have encountered the same "crib dilemma" that we have been facing at this stage of "sleeping in the crib training."

It is emotionally hard to listen to a baby wailing through a monitor. Much more when I always have this question in my mind of whether she got her legs lodged again. No matter of how many times I get tempted to check and pacify her, for the most times, I decided not to. According to baby books and some parents advice, checking the baby often, and specially when she is still awake and crying will not help at all. If you do so, you will have a baby whose resistance to sleep in the crib is resolute. But to be honest, there were still moments that I broke the "rule." And one of the major reasons is that, I want to make sure that her legs are off from the posts and she is free to move around the crib. Well, it's a relief to see my daughter peacefully asleep (after bouts of cry), yet tormenting to see that parts of her body are squeezed in by a wooden bed which is supposed to be a "comfortable and cozy place to sleep in."

If other parents have the same "crib dilemma" as us, I wonder if crib manufacturers have seen this plight that parents are facing. I do not know how my husband and I can fix this challenge in able to give our daughter a safe and comfy place to sleep in. I cannot think of a solution.

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  1. They make this mesh crib bumper that you can purchase and put on the crib. It's really thin and makes it so the baby can breath even if they press themselves up against. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2529738

    Ahnica did this in her crib too but eventually she just got too big for it to happen and stopped doing it. It's really hard to see them stuck!

  2. Ah, thank you so much Jen! I thought that there should be a remedy for this problem :) We actually put back the bumper last night and tucked its edge around the mattress. That way, her legs can't get through the rails. We'll see how this works or else we will get the one you recommended. Thanks again. I appreciate it :)