Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She Loves Mama's Language!

I rarely talk to my daughter in my mother tongue which is Bisaya (Visayan or Cebuano dialect). I want her to learn my dialect and national language, Tagalog. I want that when she goes home to the Philippines, she will be able to converse well with her fellow Filipinos. I'm sure, they will be amazed and proud that she can talk Bisaya or Tagalog.

I do not have any idea what's the best age for her to learn a different language. All I know is that the earlier, the better. Well, I have asked myself why I do not talk to her in Bisaya as much? I think maybe because the English language dominates our household and it's what I'm so used to speaking now, and everyday

I'm working on with this challenge. This video of her with me talking on the background somehow motivated me to talk to her more in Bisaya. I was washing the dishes while she watched me. I remember that she was so clingy that afternoon and just wanted to be wherever I went. I knew she wouldn't understand what I was talking about, but she responded well (ha ha). I love this video of her because she's being so talkative and responsive. My apologies to those who don't understand the language. To give you an idea, I was making up stories of her adventures being lost in the forest and other things that came to mind :).

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