Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evie Attends a Birthday Party

Evie had fun at Ahnica's 3rd birthday party today. It's her first to attend a friend's birthday party. She actually didn't know what's going on with lots of cute kids around. All she cared was herself and the amusement she found with different children's stuff.
 She liked this hula hoop. Maybe because it made noises when she moved and lifted it. And of course, it's a "new thing."
It's her second time to ride on a swing. But I can tell she loved this much better than the first one she had at a park because of the smiles flashing her face when she's on it. I bet it's the vibrant colors, the toys decked around the ropes, and the comfort of the seat that make a difference.
She was curious about this tunnel. Her hands were busy examining the cloth and  try moving the toy. Dada was on the other end, encouraging her to crawl towards him, but she didn't do it. She's not just ready for this type of crawling game inside a tunnel.

I learned one important lesson today: not to let her play on the grass. The sitting and crawling on the grass triggered her eczema. She got so itchy all over. Hives were forming wherever she itched. We had to go home in such a rush because of it. Glad Ahnica's Mom was kind enough to lend us hydrocortisone and a dose of Benadryl. The medicine made her fall asleep on our way home, and the hives subsided with the help of the anti-itch cream. I immediately gave her a bath when she woke up, and Dada did the skin care regimen.

Overall, it was a great, fun day for everyone! :)

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