Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Months Old Baby: Crawling, Standing Up, and More...

Little Evie just turned 7 months yesterday. The 6 to 7 months milestones were exciting and surprising! She's able to achieve big things in just a span of a month and she continues to develop and improve more each day. Watching her grow each and everyday is quite a reward for me who takes care of her 24/7.

6 to 7 Months Breakthrough

Crawling -At 6 months and 3 weeks she started to crawl like crazy. She grabbed things and knocked over piles that her hands could reach. It was totally a crazy day for me and probably for her too! I think she got so excited that she can already move around and is getting to grasp the concept of "freedom" little by little. This video is the second one I took on the very day she began crawling.

Imitating a Complex Action -  This development really amused and amazed me. She likes  touching this gumball machine, maybe because it's RED and has lots of mixed vibrant colors. What stunned me was when after she watched me dispensed a gumball, she crawled towards the machine and turned the knob. I couldn't help but laugh with amusement of what she did. What a keen observant! From then on, I showed her how to do it. Now, she keeps going back to the gumball machine and slightly turn the knob. She's still working on how she can get one!

Pushing Herself Up to a Standing Position - These are actual pictures of her where she pushed herself up so she could stand up by holding on to anything that supports her weight and helps her stand up. It was her Dada who first saw her did this and it's the  actual picture on the right side. I remember this morning where he rushed into our room to wake me up so I could see what Eve just did! He sounded sooooo excited and amused! :) This skill is still a work in progress. I haven't gotten the chance to take a video of her when she attempts to stand up.

Exhibiting Initiative - When it comes to being stuck in one place, most of the time, she found her way out (or else she will cry for help). She likes to crawl under our chair's footstool which height is just enough for her to fit in (in a crawling position).

Others Developments

Sleeping with Butt Sticking Out - If last month she slept on her tummy, this time, she slept exposing her butt out! It's her most favorite sleeping position at present. It makes me wonder what could be next?

Loving Solid Food - Introducing her solid food was never a problem. She usually finishes her meal and is showing so much interest in it. She opens her mouth wide and gets irritated (if she's so hungry) if we are too slow in putting a spoonful of food in her mouth. She eats so fast. Maybe because the food is strained and she doesn't really need to chew it.

Difficulty in Changing Clothes - It's been days now that after I changed her with new clothes, I felt tired. Now that she is so mobile, she no longer likes laying down while time for changing her outfit. So, she either sits or stands up on my leg while I do  her "skin maintenance" routine and later put her clothes on. Besides, she's getting heavier. No wonder I get physically worn out after we're done.

Introduction of Blocks, Puzzles, and Books - Saying goodbye to rattles and other soft  hanging toys. She is now playing hard bound children's books, ABC blocks, and easy puzzles. She likes it when we read to her or open the book's pages. She likes knocking over towers made of blocks. She plays with some puzzle pieces, but, her brain is too young to figure out how to play it.

Sleeping in Her Own Room at Night & Nap Time - Starting last Monday, she already sleeps in her bedroom at night. Been two weeks since she began napping in her crib instead in our bedroom or being held.

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