Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jarred or Homemade Baby Food?

Well, my husband and I had a collective agreement of choosing homemade baby food over jarred baby food. This decision was concluded last night. 

I personally like to make my daughter baby food from fresh veggies and fruits. I love the thought that I made it myself (or her Dada). I truly enjoy doing it. Moreover, I love the idea that what we give her comes from unprocessed produce. 

The freshness of the baby food we feed her is just one of the two primary reasons why we opted to continue making her homemade treats. The other one is, "financial practicability." A 4 oz jar of commercial baby food costs $0.70 - up (depending on the brand). A pound of organic carrots costs $0.79. Currently, Eve eats her meal 3 times a day. Basing on her daily consumption, most probably she can chow down 2 jars daily. A case of 12 jars (4 oz) from Gerber costing $10.69 would only be good for 6 days. But a pound of organic carrots that costs less than a dollar could already feed the baby for a week. What a difference when it comes to "money saving!" We know that the price per pound of other fresh veggies are slightly higher than others, but still, we can save a lot if we prepare homemade baby food.

I am not against jarred baby food. Don't get me wrong. My husband and I just realized that making baby food ourselves sounds more practical and delightful knowing that we feed her new variety of veggies and fruits each week, made from fresh produce, prepared with love. And of course, the bucks we save each week is awesome!

I am not saying that we will no longer give Eve jarred baby food. There should be special situations where commercial baby food is more suitable for an occasion than the homemade one. 

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