Monday, March 1, 2010

Evie Goes Organic

Evie had her very first baby food made of veggie for dinner. She consumed a good amount of pureed organic carrot which me and her Dada made today. There was a strange look on her first taste tests. Her face actually looks amusing that I just giggled so much. It's like she's asking me "what is this Mama???" It's new to her taste buds, so, the odd facial expression was not surprising at all. I think the sweetness of the carrot caused her to wonder. It's the first time she actually tasted something flavorful. Both the baby formula and rice cereal are bland, and here is something that tastes strange, yet making her want to ask for more!

Before she was born, we already stocked different kinds of jarred baby food in the pantry (expiration dates are on 2011 of course! :) ). But we decided that before we give her jarred veggies and fruits, we will make our own.

Preparing the homemade baby food was fun specially when it is shared. I like the idea that we are giving Evie food made of fresh veggies. Besides, we agreed to go organic. With produce grown organically, we are assured that the food is free from harmful pesticides. Absolutely good for her health.

So her first baby food is pureed organic carrots. As we all know, carrot is loaded with "good stuff." Vitamins like A, C, D, E, B1 & B6, K, plus minerals such as manganese and potassium are just some of the many nutritional benefits she can get from eating this veggie. We shall exclusively feed her this food for a week. Next week, we will be introducing another type of produce. Probably we will go for "greens." Maybe peas or green beans. Still, it's going to be homemade and organic.

If you want to make your own carrot baby food, check out this article: How to Make Homemade Organic Carrots Baby Food.

Here's a video of her enjoying her flavorful treat:

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