Monday, November 16, 2009

First Cold and Other Physical Discomfort

It's been two nights that the three of us in the house don't have enough sleep. Evie got her first ever cold which started last Saturday. The poor girl has a hard time breathing. Her nose gets stuffy and is coughing a little bit. The saline drops helped a lot in clearing her nose, but from time to time, it gets blocked again. We could not give her a medicine because she's too young for any cold meds. She's been sleeping with us on bed since Saturday night. Last night, her Dada tried to let her sleep on her bassinet. She settled for couple of minutes then started to fuss. Her fussing kept me awake and I had to rock her bassinet. Fortunately, she'd go back to sleep after a little rocking, but her sleep was not continuous. The waking made me grumpy, so I decided to pick her up and let her sleep beside me. It's funny because when she's lying beside us, her sleep is much better than when she's in the bassinet. It made me thought that she must feel more secure to know that we are just within her reach. Perhaps she could stay with us on bed until she gets better.

Dada got a doctor's appointment for her this afternoon at 2:30. There's a lot to talk to the doctor aside from her cold. The rashes on her neck and on the creases of her arms and legs are not getting any better. We experimented a few creams, but none of it really works. So, I decided to stop doing that. Based on my research online, those rashes are yeast infection. We need to get a word from the pediatrician, and maybe a prescription to keep the rashes dry and healed. Another problem is her pooping. Her poop has been dry and hard since last week. We tried what the nurse suggested which is corn syrup and water, but, it's not helping that much.

Poor little one. It's hard to see my daughter going through a lot of physical discomfort. But despite of what she's experiencing now, she still manage to smile and play. I've been praying that her good health be restored. I know that this will come to pass. She will be well again.

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