Friday, October 23, 2009

Evie is 2 Months Old: Progress Report

Our little girl turned 2 months last Sunday (October 18). I used to tell her daddy how big she is, but he still thinks she is small, lol.

Yesterday she had her 2nd month check-up with the new pediatric care. We decided to look for a new pediatrician because we were not satisfied with the first one. She got 3 shots, and one oral vaccine:

1. Hepatitis B
2. Pentacel (combination of DTaP, Hib, and IPV)
3. PCV7 (Pneumococcal COnjugate Vaccine 7 valent)
4. Rotavirus (given orally)

Late afternoon she begun to fuss and starting to get fever. We gave her .8 dose of infant Tylenol which really helped a lot.

Evie's growth record (from 1 month to 2 months):

Weight: 10.5lbs to 12.3lbs
Height: 22" to 23.25"


Evie still has the on and off occurrence of eczema. But this time, it does not look as severe as when she was a month old. Just a couple of days ago, she developed mild cradle cap. The pediatrician advised us to wash her hair with a dandruff shampoo, so we grabbed a bottle of Head & Shoulders. We haven't tried using it yet since she still has a fever.

Overall, our little one is in perfect health!

Behaviors/Physical/Mental Development

She coos and smiles a lot now. She enjoys it so much when her daddy and I talk to her. I think she likes talking. Maybe when she grows up her public relations ability is superb :). She can be an excellent public speaker! We'll see :)

She does move a lot. When we put her down on her play mat, she'd usually pivot herself up to 90° which is very amusing. I am quite amaze of how long her attention span is. The least she gets bored entertaining herself with the dangling toys on her play mat is 30 minutes. There was one time she endured for an hour!

She can support her head and neck while sitting on the couch backed with pillows on the sides. We ordered a bumbo seat that she can sit on and we look forward to have it delivered at our doorstep in few days. That should help develop her posture and head control.

She has also been drooling for like 2 weeks now. We suspect that a tooth might be coming out soon, but her doctor said that infants normally start teething at 4 months. We cannot wait to see her first tooth!

Pet Name

I started calling her "a-ghoo" or "a-khoo." Those were the sounds she makes when she coos aside from shrieks :) I noticed that she likes the sound of it because she'd give me big smiles when I call her that name, so I wind up calling her that name.

As my daughter is growing up, I find myself loving her more each day. She is so adorable and such a priceless treasure.


  1. Your baby is adorable, Riz! She is very friendly and smiling. Can't believe she is this big! She is as big as my daughter now at 7 mos. Wow, you're a great mom. Keep it up. I just enjoyed knowing how your baby grows each step of the way. She is so so cute!!! I want to pinch her cheeks so bad.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mia! :) I think she has her daddy's size (I hope, specially the height) :)