Monday, September 14, 2009

Magic Swings

Watching my daughter swung by the machine reminded me of the kind of baby swing we have in the Philippines. We called it "duyan." It is a hanging bed made of a big piece of cloth, usually a blanket that is tied on to posts. It's amusing to see how similar, yet different the swings are here and in my country. They are both similar in purpose/use, but different on how they are made of...and yes, the price. With the duyan, all you need is an extra blanket you have at home, a rope, and durable posts to hang it. Here in the US, you have to spend a couple bucks to own one, plus the extra costs for the batteries once they are exhausted. But the money you spend on it is compensated by how fancy it looks and it's practicability to operate on its own without someone do the swaying (compared to the duyan that looks dull and the need of one person to make it function). Lucky for us, we don't have to buy it. Eve's Nana was generous enough to give us the swing which our daughter's cousin was using when he was her age.

Westernized swings or Philippine duyan: I think they are one of mothers' best friends. To me, it is. How about you?

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