Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anxiously Waiting

I am starting not to like what I have been feeling for 2 days now. I started to feel anxious and impatient of Evie's coming. As much as I try hard to relax and wait, it looks like the anxiety is getting stronger. Is it because I tried so hard not to feel too excited? I don't know. Maybe.

Now, I am wondering if she will come out this week. That's what my husband predicts. I think the thought of it increased my anticipation.

I had that needle-poking contraction again this morning while I dozed back to bed after waking up so early again. The tinge woke me up at times, but decided to ignore it. This time, the not-so-painful contractions stayed longer than last night's.

It's getting harder for me to feel relaxed. I am beginning to ask the question "when?" This must be normal?

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