Saturday, August 8, 2009

12 Days To Go: Counting The Days

12 days from this day is Evie's estimated due date. I am wondering if she will come out before or after that date. A very close friend of mine back in the Philippines wants that our baby will be born on her birthday. It will be on the 11th. It's funny though because my friend's name is "Devie" and our girl's nickname is "Evie." I didn't really notice the similarity until Devie told me about it. She said that if the letter "D" is dropped, what remains is "Evie." After realizing the almost synonymous name, I laughed and was amused with the thought of it.

I tried my best not to get too excited because too much anticipation creates pressure. For now, I just want to enjoy the presence of this teeny-wiggly, precious being inside me. For sure, I will miss her kicks, her waving, crazy moves everytime her daddy and I watch a movie, her vibrating movements which I find very entertaining, my poking her everytime she does not move for an hour, the enjoyable moments when my husband and I guess what part of her body was the small lump that's protruding, and those peaceful time that only her and me shared together as daughter and mommy.

Well, only God knows when. Evie's birth has been written on His palm even before I conceived her in my womb. God bless her all the days of her life.

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