Friday, August 7, 2009

11th OB Appointment:: 1 CM!

August 6, 2009 (38 weeks)

Had my weekly OB appointment yesterday. This time, I gained 2lbs (153lbs to 155lbs). I was being attended by Michelle Carnes, she's the one we see often during our OB visits.

It took her a little while (than usual) to check Evie's heartbeat. We can hear her heart beating, but Michelle wanted a more clearer sound and she was pressing the doppler heart monitor on my tummy. Later, we heard this very loud pounding noise within my belly. Evie's heart rate is perfect. When the nurse took off the monitor on me, our little one made a big waving move which amused us. We thought she didn't like being pressed that hard. When we were at my husband parent's place he said that he was a little bit annoyed of how the nurse pressed the monitor on my belly specially when he saw that my skin was getting reddish, and left a dent after it was done. Oh well, he's just being protective of me and the baby :)

This is the third time that my cervix was checked. Unlike the last internal exam, I was feeling relaxed this time. Thanks to my husband who gave me massages on my back and shoulder and reminded me to relax before the nurse came in. Michelle was also considerate and gentle in doing it. She even asked if I had an unpleasant experience of the examinations I had lately. So, I told her about what happened the last time.

My cervix is not that dilated yet. It is only a centimeter open. Baby is not that ready yet. However, Michelle reminded us that my water might break anytime, so, if ever that happens, we need to go to the hospital immediately to prevent infection that might affect the baby and me. She added that we can discuss for the induction procedure in case we wanted the baby out a few days before her due date. She also told us that they typically induce one week after the due date if the baby is still not coming out on the expected date because by then the placenta gets old and will not be able to supplement the baby's needs.

Well, we still have 2 weeks until the due date. I wonder if Evie is waiting until my husband and I is done with our interview with the Immigration officials which is 2 days before her due date. Well see. I have faith that God sets the PERFECT TIME for everything, and I lift up everything to him.

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