Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cure Against Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

The last month of my pregnancy is getting tougher. More physical discomforts are sprouting. One of these is swollen/tightening feet.

Summertime here in Arizona. The temperature could go up to 115 degrees. It's not an easy thing to deal with specially with a pregnant woman like me. Extreme heat exposes pregnant women to more swollen feet and other parts of the body. So, walking outside during the day is not advisable.

Anyway, last Saturday, my husband took me to the mall. We had a cup of ice cream to share. Just a cup because I could not eat the whole cup of ice cream all by myself. The tendency is, it ends up in the garbage can. Most food servings here are just too much for a petite woman like me :)

I didn't feel like going home after our cup was empty. I wanted sometime with people. Good thing was, it was Saturday and the mall where we went into had a weekend mini-concert activity outside the vicinity. So, we sat down and listened to the 80's music. Oh well, kapanahunan. It's the 80's and my husband knows almost all of the songs that were played and even sang with the band.

It was around 8:30 in the evening, but since we live in the desert, the heat looms even if the sun was out of sight. The wind may be breezing, but, it's not the kind of breeze I get if I were in the Philippines. The breeze here is accompanied with heat and dryness. With an exposed feet, I noticed that it started to feel tight and heavy again, so we decided not to stay too long and immediately headed home.

As much as he can, my husband tries to soothe all my physical discomforts. He asked me to sit on the couch as he was busy filling a plastic basin with water. The water here even if you use the cold setting does not get colder as much as you desire it to be. The temperature is just too hot to make it so. Since the water was not cold as he wanted it to, he took ice cubes from the freezer and dumped almost all of what we have. LOL. When he was ready, he asked me to soak my feet in the basin. Woooohh, that was terribly cold. It took me a little while to fully dip my feet in a freezing water. Gladly, I was able to manage and tolerate it. Had it soaked for 20 minutes. Did we get a positive result? YES indeed! The tightness and swelling was lessened and they no longer feel heavy. The next morning when I woke up, I was surprise that my feet felt lighter. No swelling. No tightness.

I do not know if this remedy will work for other pregnant women. But anyone who wants can try. I do not know if it works for women living in colder places. Maybe instead of dipping your feet in ice cold water, you can use warm water instead :)

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