Wednesday, July 29, 2009

9th OB/GYN Appointment: Group B Strep Test

July 23, 2009 (36 weeks)

Evie is exactly 36 weeks on my 9th appointment with my OB/GYN. I am 152lbs from 148lbs. Gaining 4lbs from the last visit. For the second time, we had Dr. Messer attending my prenatal care and needs. She looked fabulous! LOL. I think it's how she dressed herself. She had this sexy black, sleeveless dress which made her look stunning :) Pardon for my noticing her appearance, after all it's a compliment!

It's amazing how the heartbeat monitor captured our baby's heartbeat a few inches away from my belly. It was just so loud, active, and normal. My doctor commented what a happy baby Evie is when she heard her heartbeat. My belly measures 37 inches this time, which is absolutely perfect!

I was scheduled for a Group B Strep Test (GBT) on this visit. I had to strip off my clothes, from waist, down. I only had that big, wide, some-kind-of-a-tissue paper to cover my half naked body. Anyway, GBT is typically administered when the pregnant woman is already on her 35th week. It could be between 35 and 37 weeks. I did not have an appointment schedule on my 35th week that's why we had to do it when I was already on my 36th. Accordingly, GBT is a bacterium that lives in the vagina of some healthy women. "Some" means, not all women have this kind of bacteria. This bacteria does not do any harm at all in women who carry it. However, some newborn babies whose expectant mothers are GBT carriers and didn't undergo the test can pick up the bacteria while passing through the mother's opening during delivery. This could cause serious infections to the baby. So, to fully secure the baby's health, doctors conduct this test.

Well, it was an easy and quick procedure. The doctor used a vaginal swab (Q-tip) and took samples in the vagina and the rectum. That was a little bit unpleasant, but glad the procedure took only like 5 seconds. The result will be a week from the day the test was administered, so, we will know on my next appointment (July 30).

I was told that if I am infected with the said bacteria, I will be given antibiotics during the labor to make sure that our baby will not get it.

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