Monday, July 6, 2009

6th and 7th OB/GYN Appointment

June 12, 2009 (29 weeks)

It's my 6th appointment with my OB/GYN appointment. I was given a sweet drink prior to my meeting with Ms. Carnes. It was for my glucose test, to find out whether I have a gestational diabetes. My weight was 139lbs, which made me gain 5lbs from my last visit (not bad). An hour after the drink, a vial of my blood was taken for the test. At least this time, it's not more than one vial of blood. I remember the last time when blood samples were taken out from me, I was shocked of the quantity they took. It was like 3 or 4 vials of blood. But I am just thankful that everything in my previous blood tests turned out with good results.

Three days later from the appointment, I received a voice message from the doctor's office informing me that my glucose test result was normal. So happy for that because by then I don't have to undergo another test that will take for hours.

June 26, 2009 (32 weeks)

My 7th appointment. Weight was 143lbs. I gained 4lbs after two weeks! By the way, starting this visit, I will be seeing my doctors/nurse every two weeks until the end of July. After that, I need to see them every week since the due is getting so close from then. This time I met Dr. Stephens again. It's been a while since the first time I saw her. She was the one who attended me during my very first visit. She had a practicing student who measured my belly and operated the heartbeat monitor. Everything was doing great since our little Eve is healthy and strong!

We asked about the follow-up ultrasound mentioned by Dr. Bullaro, and Dr. Stephens suggested to conduct it when Eve is already in her 37th week because usually, insurance companies do not cover the fee prior to that age. Anyway, the purpose of another ultrasound is to find out the baby's size. I was told that if the baby would be too big for me, I might deliver her earlier than the due date by inducing me. My husband and I just hope and pray that the baby will come out by how nature works and not by any medical intervention.

Changes Observed

My feet are already swelling; a normal occurrence for pregnant women as the doctor said. I was a bit upset when it started. I told my husband that my feet looked like a "piglet's feet" (he he). There came a time though that it went back to normal and I wished it would stay that way in the whole duration of pregnancy. Hence, it is very unlikely.

Baby moves and kicks are much stronger now. I feel that each week, she's getting bigger and the weight is making my lower body ache. It's getting harder to move while laying down specially during night time to get sleep. She becomes more active in the evening and sometimes wakes me up with hard kicks! (ouch!)

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