Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maternity Belt and Pillows: Pregnant Woman's Best Friends!

Eve is growing each and everyday. That means, her weight is also increasing so as the growth of my uterus. These things affect my posture badly. Every morning I woke up with my back aching. Not only that. When I remained in one position (sitting, sleeping, standing) for a short period of time, I felt back and joint pains. It was not easy. I had to shift position every now and then, or when I remember to do so.

During my last appointment with the OB/GYN, I told her about how I suffered backaches everyday. She said that it was normal since the baby is growing. Thankfully, she recommended that I should get a maternity belt specially that my size is so small to carry a big baby.

So, when my husband and I went to Babies R Us to register for the baby shower, he spotted a maternity belt. Well, I must tell you that it helps a lot. It's lifting my belly and supporting my back. The elasticity of the belt can be adjusted to the tightness I am comfortable with.

Pillow, pillows, pillows. And yes, soft, comfy pillows. My husband went home from work one night and surprised me with two new soft pillows. I knew why he bought me even if I didn't request for it. One morning he caught me sleeping on his pillows with my whole body on it. He found it amusing. I told him that I felt comfortable having pillows underneath my body specially my entire back.

Right now, I am using the maternity belt and pillows everytime I go to bed. The painful mornings were replaced by a backache-free mornings. What a relief! However, this new comfort level I feel deprived me and my husband to cuddle the way we used to while asleep. But we are adjusting to it and try to touch and cuddle each other as much as we are comfortable with. It's not the same as the old times though. One night I broke into laughter when Ryan asked me if the pillows will stay as is even after I gave birth (LOL). "Of course not!" I blurted. It's only for the meantime until I have the baby born. My husband's arms are still the most secure and comfortable pillows I have and honestly, I missed it. I know that he missed it so much too.

I am quite thankful that maternity belts and soft pillows were invented. They are my best friends when I settled down to sleep. Well, with other preggies too, I'm sure.

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